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Poker Chip Style Voting Implemented

Many customers have asked for "Poker Chip" style voting whereby each user in a community is limited in the number of votes they can allocate to an idea. This is especially ideal for product development, whereby it can be difficult to ascertain from your audience which product/feature idea is most important to your user base.


This is what we have in mind:

-Add vote breakdown so the community can see if an idea is popular by 2 people voting a lot or lots of people voting a little, etc.

-you can configure the amount of votes allocated to each user

-users can vote more than once for an idea, *up to* the allocated amount

-Once an idea status is set to complete, the votes that users have allocated to the completed idea are released back to the user - allowing them to vote on other ideas.

-at any point users can re-allocate their votes, if something more important pops up

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