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Owner able to see all active ideas they own Implemented

Use case: an owner logs in and wants to 'work on' their uncompleted ideas. They check their profile or the 'my assignments' tab and filter by 'active'. All the ideas that require their attention are listed and they can begin to progress through them. Once an idea is completed and the status is changed to a 'final' status it is removed from the 'active' view, removing it from the owner's mind as it no longer requires their attention.


In my community we have different types of 'final' ideas.

We have:

idea resolved - ideas that are not completed but all decisions have been made and it's being implemented and captured in another system (we do this to move it out of other status' so it's not clogging them up)

completed - the idea has been completed and fully implemented

closed - the idea was rejected


At present the ideas assigned to an owner that are not 'closed' are not removed from the owner's profile or the 'my assignments' tab. This means if an owner wants to log in and check the 'ideas that need my attention' they have to manually filter through all the ideas that are 'finished'.


Thoughts/comments/questions welcome. Thanks.

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