Moderation & Administration

New Moderation Dashboard: Better Filtering Needed Implemented

The new Moderation Dashboard is not as user friendly as the old one that is about to disappear.

There isn't anyway without looking at each idea or comment to see if it is Pending Approval. We have several moderators that moderate multiple campaigns. It would be great if they could filter Ideas by Pending Approval and by Campaign. It would be great if they could also filter Comments by Pending Approval.

I am strongly encouraging IdeaScale to NOT take away Moderation -> Idea Moderation and Comment Moderation until the Moderation Dashboard is made more user friendly.

What type of user would this benefit? Reviewers/Evaluators, Moderators, Administrators

How much time would this save you, per user, reviewer, moderator or admin, per week? 6-10 hours

Idea No. 1284