The Future of Innovation

NLP-enabled database of all existing attempts at solving your problem

If you were to grow and expand your innovation efforts, what new features, services, etc. would be most helpful? :

If I'm considering running a campaign in IdeaScale, I can do a keyword search of past ideas to see what's already been submitted. I can also see if any of those have been implemented before, and potentially reach out to the people who implemented them. What I'd love is access to an NLP-enabled database to determine what actions have been taken across the org, all time and anywhere, to address or even solve my problem. Perhaps those were sourced through IdeaScale (past campaigns, past ideas, past projects), but maybe not. I'd like to see all solutions deployed to address my problem set to see what I can learn from my colleagues, past and present. Were there any public-private partnerships? Is there a software solution? Do we have SMEs/mentors internally? What data support the conclusion that this approach was effective? What's out there, anywhere, to help me learn about this problem before I go out to my target audience in search of new and novel solutions?

Taking it one step further, expand this database to all orgs, public and private, who have faced this same problem.

If you were to improve and expand your innovation efforts, what would be the biggest challenges you would face?

Individuals at my org are often facing the same problems, and even though we've deployed IdeaScale and a number of other tools, efforts remain siloed. I don't have an easy way to see if my problem, i.e. the campaign I want to run, has been addressed or solved somewhere else at the org. How do I find that out? How do I see what they tried, what they learned? How do I determine whether I have access to the new tool they deployed to solve it (say it's a new software solution)?



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