Front End Improvements

More reminder notification options (lookback)

The customizable "loopback notifications" is a powerful tools for the community administrator to help target stagnated ideas. (


I propose three improvements to this feature.


1. Make this notification available not only for stagnated ideas by time, but also by vote, comment or other. Perhaps this notification could be trigger-able with a simple "if no activity has been recorded on the idea". (idea part 1a- allow for multiple notifications as well as multiple triggers).

2. Make these reminder notifications available by campaign. This will allow administrators better ability to target behavior within campaigns that different ideation speeds

3. Allow moderators to set these notification thresholds. (idea part 3b- allow moderators to set the notification to occur on a certain date e.g. on next thursday, all ideas without recent activity on their ideas should receive the following message: xyz"


**Super Wishlist item: Ability to view and communicate with all members receiving one of these notifications

Idea No. 498