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Merged ideas should increment votes Implemented

An initial idea has a vote of 0 because it's like a ballad entry asking for votes. That makes sense. But.....


1. If 4 users have similar ideas that haven't been voted on and the moderator wants to merge 3 of them together into the 4th, that 4th should have a vote of 3 automatically after the merge is complete because the ballad entries for each of those 3 are now considered votes in the parent. Currently, the parent ends up with a vote tally of 0 because 0+0+0=0.


2. If instead, the 4 users have similar ideas but the 3 that are going to be merged into the 4th already have votes of 1, 2 and 3 respectively, the 4th should end up with a vote of. 9 as the result of adding 1+2+3 votes plus an additional 1 for each ballad entry.

Idea No. 1055