Front End Improvements

Idea types ("Fragment / Insight" & "Resource") - sortable

Users should be able to flag their "idea" as a utility-producing piece of information that is relevant to the campaign and community whether or not it is an implementable idea.


Two "types" or categories of ideas seem valuable to be able to flag and sort: 1st - Idea Fragments or insights and 2nd - Resources (specific pieces of information (e.g. meeting notes, reports, URLs...)


Having the type indicated in the title would 1. Reduce end-user browsing time, 2. help educate community about the role and value of these other types of information the campaign can benefit from, 3. allow community administrators to easily produce campaign-specific content pages (where an ideas-view tab could have "idea fragment / insight" and "resource" next to "popular" "recent" & "random"

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