The Future of Innovation

Idea and Tech Matching Capabilities

If you were to grow and expand your innovation efforts, what new features, services, etc. would be most helpful? :

A database of technologies and skills.

How do we think your job, as it relates to your organization's innovation practice, will be different in 3 years?

When it comes to transformational ideas, not only is it difficult to hit upon the right idea, but many of them take a look a lot of time and capability building to deliver on them. I would love it if a promising idea was filtered to me along with a log of who was developing/talented at that technology and the estimated cost to acquire so that I could make a better-educated assumption about whether or not I was supposed to develop this talent/solution in house.

If you were to improve and expand your innovation efforts, what would be the biggest challenges you would face?

Time - so much of what I need to do is about moving more efficiently to keep up with change - being able to acquire solutions would be beneficial to both my needs and the entrepreneur's



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