Front End Improvements

Idea Visibility Based on Stage

Having full flexibility of when an idea is seen by members and the public can cover more use cases than are currently covered.

There are times where campaign staff want to moderate, collaborate, and assess ideas before opening them for members and the public to see, or hidden during a stage during the workflow process. Currently we can make an idea private. Unfortunately, this limits who can view an idea through the life of an idea and can never be seen by members or the public. We would like a feature that can limit the visibility of ideas for members and public similar to a private idea submission for certain workflow stages. This might be counter-intuitive for an idea sharing platform but will support contents and challenge campaigns where there are awards and recognition for ideas. We don't want contestants to see ideas or submissions of other contestants before a cutoff time period pasts but we want specific campaign groups to work an idea without the idea being seen by members and the pubic. Seeing any part of ideas before a cutoff time could to give contestants an an advantage of building on ideas of other submissions. Ideas are eventually opened up to the public and members for review, collaboration, and voting so we do not want the ideas set to private, just "hidden" for public and members at certain steps.

What type of user would this benefit? Reviewers/Evaluators, Administrators, Standard Community Members, Moderators


Idea No. 2389