Front End Improvements

Guiding users once they have reset their password

We have had a few users now that get "stuck" when resetting their password. It seems that once they have created their new password, a pop up bar notification appears at the top indicating that they were successful, but the rest of the screen remains unchanged.

This results in the user thinking that they weren't successful and trying to reset their password a 2nd time and then they get the notification that they can only change their password once day. The user is then frustrated and gives up, closes their window.

The users do not realise that after successfully resetting their password for the first time, they can just click on the ideascale logo in the top left hand to access their community. It would be great if once the page they are on automatically transitions to their community once they have successfully changed their password.

What type of user would this benefit? Administrators, Standard Community Members

Idea No. 1675