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Group Management

This is with regards to Group Management- I would be more than happy to get on a call with you or any tech POC from ideascale and explain my suggestions.

1. Only 10 groups can be seen at a time, so if the desired group is on page 4 then you have to click 4 times and reach the desired group – Suggestion - you can increase the limit, there is a lot of place on the page to accommodate a larger list

2. After reaching the desired groups - on clicking Manage members, again here the list is not arranged alphabetically, so you have to again go through the pages – again a limit of 10 members in 1 page – suggestion increase the list size and arrange the members alphabetically

3. After you realise that there needs to be some setting that needs to be changed for this group, then you would have to click on go back, and this will take you to the group home page, again navigate to the desired group to edit.. this is cumbersome.. Suggestion - you can give a button "edit group" so that we don't have to go back to the main group page and navigate all the way back to the desired group.

4. Also it would help if the displayed list of members also has the assignment method, this will allow us to ensure that the group has the right set of people.

5. An option of downloading the group details in excel could also be helpful.

I understand that there is a search feature on the main group page and manage members too, however at times we need to see multiple groups together, or see a few members together so an eye ball check would be preferred over using search feature.

Also I had a couple of suggestions on the export data functionality

What type of user would this benefit? Moderators, Administrators

How much time would this save you, per user, reviewer, moderator or admin, per week? NA

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