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Display Idea Status Logging Implemented

On occasion, we will have users in our community change the status of an Idea (ex: from Active to Duplicate) and we have no way of knowing "Who" changed the status. This is especially annoying when this happens 10+ times in one day to the same Idea (I think a user was playing games...).


Ideally, this can be resolved by displaying a simple log on the Idea (probably only visible to Administrators) that displays what users have changed the status of an Idea and when that change took place. To build on this, you could also require the user to add a comment if they are attempting to change the Idea status. That way we, the Administrators, would know the user who changed the status, when the status changed, and their reasoning behind changing that idea status.


Addressing this Idea would likely satisfy the following I as well:

Idea No. 1105