Moderation & Administration

Campaign Admins need access to create and modify workflows\funnels for their campaigns

Having workflows admin'd at a higher level than campaign admins is a major issue for organizations that have to adhere to strict separation of duty requirements. The top level admins should be considered the environment administrators and campaign administrators should have all the permissions needed to build, manage, and launch their campaign.

Providing this additional access to campaign admins mean that an organization can allow independent groups the ability to create and manage their campaigns without having to rely on the top level admins. With the current setup we have to provide certain campaign admins Administrator access so they can make modifications to work flows and workflow text. With this access they can adjust their workflows, any other campaign workflows, or other environment and permission settings. For small organizations this might be fine, but for larger organizations it introduces major risks depending how the organization manages support.


At a minimum IdeaScale needs to provide more flexibility on what administrators can allow campaign admins can see or do . If IdeaScale cannot not fully make the administration of the campaign self contained more control should be provided.

What type of user would this benefit? Moderators, Administrators

How much time would this save you, per user, reviewer, moderator or admin, per week? This can save many hours in meeting per week for IdeaScale Administrators. They would not have to attend every campaign meeting for campaigns that are in progress since the campaign admins will have the ability to create and modify their own workflows.

Idea No. 1730