Front End Improvements

Allow users to view full activity stream

To encourage more discussion and allow users to easily track the ideas they're interested in, it would be helpful to enhance the current activity stream on a user's profile or otherwise direct users to updates from within IdeaScale (without bouncing between it and email to follow updates). I think there's a relatively simple way and a more complex way of implementing this solution.


1) Simple - Since all events (votes, comments, idea submissions) are tracked already, the addition of a 'more' link or some other form of pagination would let users trace more of their activity if they're looking to revisit something.


2) Complex - List (by recent activity) all ideas that a user has interacted with in some way, so they can follow any new activity updates without going to email. For even greater detail, add filters/tabs for Ideas: a) submitted; b) voted on; and c) commented on.


Another possible enhancement would be an 'alert' system that prompts users to visit ideas they've participated in that have been updated since their last session/page refresh/etc.

Idea No. 627