Front End Improvements

Ability to Un-clap

I am an administrator for the Coast Guard's [email protected] community. We would like the ability to "un-clap" ideas. Our community has high visibility in the Coast Guard and we have several experts engage in our community and a clap on an idea is often interpreted as an endorsement of an idea. For example, we have an annual campaign to collect ideas for R&D projects and the ideas submitted are reviewed by subject matter experts before they are presented to Coast Guard leaders to vote on. If one of the experts accidentally hits the clap button on an idea, it would be seen as them approving of or supporting the idea, which could then influence voting decisions. Those experts need the ability to undo a clap if they accidentally hit the button, similar to how you are able to "unlike" something on platforms like Facebook.

What type of user would this benefit? Standard Community Members


Idea No. 2387