The Future of Innovation

AI guided digital assistant

If you were to grow and expand your innovation efforts, what new features, services, etc. would be most helpful? :

I would love to log into IdeaScale and based on what's happened in the community and/or the actions I have taken, campaigns I am working on, etc. a digital assistant would prompt for me a set of prioritized actions. Similarly, in a future world there would be -- gasp! -- advanced platform features not available to all subscribers and if I were to say, click a link to begin integrating with my CRM and that feature wasn't available with my company's subscription I would see a message that prompted me to add the capability and agree to be billed $2,500 ARR. Ease of use, increasing value, endless utility -- what software should deliver.

How do we think your job, as it relates to your organization's innovation practice, will be different in 3 years?

The innovation platform as it exists today may very well not exist. Instead, the innovation capabilities IdeaScale and others offer today will be infused into Slack/Teams/Workday/ServiceNow/Oracle/Salesforce, etc. allowing for the capture of ideas at any time and in virtually any app on any device.

If you were to improve and expand your innovation efforts, what would be the biggest challenges you would face?

Organizational resources, budget and priority.



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