Front End Improvements

The new IdeaScale Feedback email messages

I like the improved look of the IdeaScale Feedback email messages.


However, there are two things about them that feel overdone:

1) The size of the text is too large

2) The email messages are overbranded for IdeaScale. Three mentions is about two too many.

Submitted by (@craigkaiserdevelopment)


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Moderation & Administration

Streamline the Block/Ban process for reported users/comments

Currently, you must go to the admin panel, search for a user's name/email and manually change their status from active -> blocked. It would be helpful to include a 'block' link directly on reported ideas, reported comments and the user's profile to allow mods to easily manage abusive users. Other welcome additions to this process would include 'report' links on user profiles (that would submit the user directly to the ...more »

Submitted by (@matt00)


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Moderation & Administration

Locking Profile

For our community we have setup the Access Restrictions so only people with e-mail addresses in the domain can create an account. In some testing yesterday it was discovered that people can edit their own profile and add a new address from another domain (eg gmail), they can then set that as a primary address and delete the blah domain address. Is there anyway to lock the profile so this cannot be changed. It ...more »

Submitted by (@hawkinsconsulting)


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